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Termites Glendale AZ


If you have termites in your walls or termite tubes in your Glendale home (or anywhere in Arizona) you are probably on your way to having termite damage – often in places you don’t even know about. By the time you find out there is in fact structural damages it can end up being extremely expensive.

Then you have to add in the termite treatment cost on top of the structural repair costs…. You get the point. Quality termite treatment and control services aren’t cheap, but it’s a lot less expensive if it’s done BEFORE you have termite damage in your home. We recommend having a Termite Inspection done once per year to head off any major – and expensive – termite repair costs.

Termites cause millions of dollars in structural damages all over the world every year. Here in Glendale AZ – and most of Arizona – we deal with subterranean termites more than any other species. Subterranean termites live in underground colonies that can be huge. The workers forage for food for the colony – basically anything with cellulose in it. The wood in your home will do quite nicely, as will almost any other cellulose based products like wooden furniture, file boxes, holiday decorations, photo albums, etc.

It’s estimated that for every acre of land in Arizona there anywhere from 3 to 18 colonies of termites, each having as many as 100,000 individuals. The workers build what’s called ‘shelter tubes’ to extend the proper temperature and humidity from their colony to their work area. They wouldn’t survive without these tubes and they are often the first evidence that tell us we have a termite problem. They look like dirt and are roughly as big around as a pencil, tho they can be a bit thinner or a lot thicker. Subterranean termite shelter tubes are often found coming up the stem wall in the garage or hanging from a ceiling in the home.

If you think you may have termite tubes in your home or you see what you think may be termites with wings, the best thing to do is to not disturb them and call out for a professional Termite Inspection. If you call us by noon we can usually get there the same day. And if you do indeed have termites in your walls, the termite inspector will give you treatment options with price and warranty info attached. We recommend renewing your termite warranty if you’ve ever had termites. It’s a great way to fix or control your future termite costs and get some peace of mind as well.