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Tarantulas In Glendale Arizona


Are there Tarantulas in Glendale AZ? Yes. Altogether, there are some 900 known species of Tarantulas and they’re found throughout the U.S, Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy and other places. Some species are popular as pets and it’s common to see at pest control related booths at home expo’s and other similar conventions.

Seeing a huge, hairy spider crawling up and down someone’s arm is definitely an attention getter. There is a vast difference between the various species with some being as small as your fingernail, others the size of a dinner plate and many somewhere in between. Some Tarantulas live and do their hunting in trees, some hang out on or in the ground, while others live in a silk ‘tent’ of sorts. The really large Tarantulas, such as the goliath birdeater, eat small vertebrates including birds, bats, mice, lizards and snakes.

Like most spiders, all species of Tarantulas have venom and they use it in both self defense and when hunting. The good news is that, though very painful, there have been no reported human deaths from a Tarantula bite. The first line of defense for most of the species of Tarantulas around Glendale and the rest of the Phoenix area is the use of urticating hairs or bristles. They actually flick or throw hairs if they feel threatened. These hairs cause a ton of irritation to the skin and are a real problem for your pets as they tend to sniff at the tarantula and get the hairs in their eyes and nose. Usually, if a Tarantula is thinking he needs to bite you to defend himself, he’ll kind of stand up and raise his front legs, stick out his fangs and maybe even hiss at you. A huge, hairy, hissing spider – that would be a great time to back off.

Tarantulas, in general, are not considered to be a big pest control problem here in the valley. They rarely invade homes and they’re really shy and actually beneficial in that they eat other critters. Of course, that may not help if one’s staring you down in your space. You could always just catch him and make a Tarantula Burger. It’s becoming quite popular in North Carolina. Or you could catch a bunch of Tarantula Hawks, which actually hunt Tarantulas, and keep them in your home. Maybe not. The best advice if you’re actually dealing with a tarantula problem is to call and let us help you. The service doesn’t come with a burger but we won’t hiss at you, either.