Crickets in Glendale AZ

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Crickets Chirping In House


Ahhhh – the sounds of nature. A male cricket hiding somewhere in the house and singing a song of…love?… to any girl crickets that may be close by. At 2 AM. While you’re trying to sleep…. Soon there will be several crickets singing to each other in your house. While you try to sleep…. It’s a beautiful thing, really. I mean, it IS nature, after all, right?

There are more than 900 species of crickets worldwide and they can be found just about everywhere except for in places above 55 degrees latitude. There are larger populations and more species diversification in tropical areas and they love the desert, too. They’ll live in just about any habitat including glass lands, forests, marches, caves – and our homes. Like a lot of critters, they are mostly active at night. The males of most species of crickets do offer up a love song to attract a mate. Believe it or not, there are some mute species of crickets,too, but in general terms it’s the loud ones who drive folks nuts and get them reaching for the fly swatter. Those lovely tunes come from stridulatory organs, which are found on the fore wings of males. They have a few different tunes that they use for communication: one that attracts females and repels other males, one that will draw the female in when she gets close and one of celebration afterwards!

Different species of crickets have different diets. Some eat nothing but plant parts such as leaves, flowers and fruit while others feed on pupae, larvae, aphids and scale insects. Crickets are adaptive to their environment and will eat almost anything to survive. They love dog food, trash and sometimes even paper or cardboard products. Crickets have powerful jaws and will on occasion bite humans or anything else that threatens them. They are a common household pest in the Glendale AZ area and throughout Metro Phoenix. They can be found almost anywhere that they can access moisture and shelter including under sheds, in areas with overgrown weeds, under cement slabs, etc.

Here in the Glendale area, it’s mostly the Indian House Crickets, Field Crickets and Jerusalem Crickets that we deal with. Usually they are easily controlled via a basic pest control treatment, but sometimes that can be a persistent problem. Especially if you live next to a park, golf course or other public land. Pest control isn’t always a top priority for whomever may be managing those areas and it’s usually the nearby home owners who pay the price. It makes sense: even if you are doing everything right at your house, if there is a cricket breeding colony twenty feet away in a irrigation valve box they will find their way to your place. It’s just a matter of time. Since it’s illegal for you or your pest control company to treat those areas, you may need to reach out to whomever manages the area and ask them to take care of the problem on their end. A Home Seal Service can make a huge difference in how many crickets you find in your home. You can get more info about a Home Seal at: