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Bed Bug Treatment Glendale Arizona


There are Bed Bugs in Glendale AZ. In fact, it doesn't matter where you go - Glendale AZ or ?? - you can pick up some Bed Bugs and bring them home with you. From a 5-Star Resort to a homeless shelter and everywhere in between. They travel extremely well - in your suitcase or other luggage, in furniture and appliances, moving boxes, your hair or clothing - they're not picky at all.

How can you tell if there are Bed Bugs? What bed bug signs should you look for? When traveling, a thorough inspection is warranted BEFORE settling into a room. Check the mattress and box spring stitching very closely - actually stretch it open with your hands and look very closely. You also want to check headboards, baseboards, picture frames, dresser drawers - anywhere within 15 feet of the bed where there's a crack or crevice for Bed Bugs to hide in. You're looking for Bed Bugs and/or their castings, feces or eggs. You should also check the bedding for dark or blood spots. All sure fire, telltale Bed Bug signs. Make sure you perform this inspection BEFORE you unload your luggage.

So what do you do if you think you may have found evidence of a Bed Bug infestation - or Bed Bug signs? Bed Bug treatment options and cost will depend a lot on the situation. If you're traveling and find Bed Bug evidence in a hotel room, go somewhere else. It's really that simple. Get out quickly and find another place to stay. If you find possible evidence of a Bed Bug problem at home, call a Bed Bug Exterminator who services Glendale, or where ever you may live. A thorough, professional inspection by a well trained, licensed - & Honest! - bed bug exterminator is well worth the time and effort. If there are Bed Bugs you'll want that professional to handle the Bed Bug removal program and we highly recommend Bed Bug Heat Treatment over Bed Bug Sprays in almost all cases. It greatly reduces or even eliminates chemical usage with a Bed Bug spray and you don't have to worry about chemical resistance. And the heat treatment will kill the Bed Bug eggs, too, which is exactly what you're looking for.

OK - what if you didn't find them but ended up with Bed Bug Bites? There are a few Bed Bug symptoms and signs that will alert you that you have Bed Bugs:

  • You'll have red, itchy and sometimes puffy or swollen bites, often in a straight line or zigzag pattern.
  • Typically these bites show up on your body in places that were exposed during the night, like your arms or shoulders. Bed Bugs want to be in a position to make a quick exit so they prefer not to get into your clothing. That said, it's definitely possible.
  • Blood stains or dark spots on the bedding.
  • Bed Bugs will leave their castings, or shed skins, along with feces and eggs. You'll find any or all of these anywhere there is a good amount of Bed Bug activity.
  • Bed Bugs, like lots of different critters, leave behind pheromones to help communicate with other members of their colony. After a while this can cause a musty, unpleasant odor to develop.

Don't let the Bed Bugs bite! If you think you have Bed bugs give us a call for a free quote on a guaranteed bed bug removal service in Glendale AZ or anywhere nearby. We promise to take the bite out of bed bug treatment and removal!